Children and Families Public Law

Dealing with child protection, education and social care issues when they affect you, your family or your friends can be extremely confusing and emotionally very difficult.

Whether you are fighting to keep your family together, trying to access services for a child or a disabled relative or looking to adopt or foster a child it can be difficult to communicate effectively with the professionals and authorities involved.

The formalities, procedures and the language used can be very difficult to navigate. The Children and Families Public Law department at Alsters Kelley can help make sense of what’s happening and, advise you about what the authorities involved should be doing to help you. Our experienced Children and Families Public Law solicitors can also help you to challenge any decisions made that you think are wrong and help you to access the right kind of services for your situation.

Legal aid may be available for parents and carers who are seeking to access social care services for children, to see a child who is living in foster care, or away from home with other family members. In cases where legal aid is not available we will offer a free 30 minute session to see if we can help, or refer you to someone who can.

Alsters Kelley can also help charities, organisations and authorities who may need help with child protection policies and processes.

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Alsters Kelley can provide legal advice on all aspects of Child Protection and Community Law, including:

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