Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin died leaving no Will

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin died leaving no Will

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin recently passed away leaving a large fortune which she accumulated over a decades long career but surprisingly died with no Will stating where this fortune should go. This responsibility is now left to her four sons and family members to gather information regarding her estate and deal with her affairs. A process which could have been much simpler if she had left a Will!

Having died without leaving a Will means a person’s estate is governed by the intestacy rules. An administrator is appointed to manage the affairs of the deceased, which in Aretha’s case will be her niece! This is quite surprising considering she has four sons however they have decided to waive their right to take on the role to administer their mother’s estate.

Would you want the uncertainty of not knowing who will be responsible for dealing with your estate after you die or even worse someone being appointed governed by the rules of intestacy that you would not want to be involved?

If not then it is important you have your affairs in order and have a Will in place, so you can choose your own Executors, choose who benefits from your estate and ensure your wishes are adhered to.

Aretha’s Lawyer stated she had discussed putting a Will in place with him but ‘just never got around to it’. This is one of the many reasons we hear from people who come to discuss their Will or from family members following the loss of a loved one who did not leave a Will.

But having a Will is very important and can reduce any uncertainty or unnecessary stress following a death.

It is particularly important for unmarried couples, people with children and people with financial or property investments. However, it is equally important for married couples to have a Will as it’s not right to assume the surviving spouse will inherit your whole estate on your death as depending on the value of your estate and if there are children involved this may not be case in an intestacy!

Unintended Tax consequences may also arise due to no Will.

For a friendly, confidential discussion on how to make a Will please contact Kiren Rai on 01926 356 034 or email kiren.rai@alsterskelley.com.

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