Breast Cancer Screening - NHS Failure

Breast Cancer Screening - NHS Failure

The Government recently announced that an independent enquiry is going to take place following the realisation that 450,000 women in England have been failed by the NHS as they were not sent out their final routine breast cancer screening when they should have been, at around the age of 70. Out of those 450,000 women, it is believed that 309,000 are still alive.

Alarmingly, it has taken over a decade for the appalling error to be picked up and has been blamed on a computer failure and possibly a variation in the way local services send out the invitations.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, has admitted the error may have led to the premature death of up to 270 women. There may also be more women whose cancer was caught at a later, and less treatable stage.

By the end of May, it is hoped that all women affected will be contacted by letter and those under the age of 72 will receive an appointment for a catch-up scan.

If you think you or a member of your family may have been affected by this, then please contact Jeanette Suckling, Chartered Legal Executive in our Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury team at Alsters Kelley on 01926 356027 or email to discuss how you may have been affected and whether you may be entitled to compensation.




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