Christmas Crackdown on Drink and Drug Driving

Christmas Crackdown on Drink and Drug Driving

A reminder that police all over the country are getting into the festive spirit with a timely warning against drink and drug driving.  Many police forces have released hard hitting videos to demonstrate the deadly consequences of drink or drug driving.

Warwickshire Police launched their Christmas drink drive campaign at the beginning of December and will be particularly targeting morning after drink drivers.

Their figures revealed that over the past 3 years 8 people have been killed and 81 seriously injured following collisions in which drink or drugs were recorded as a contributing factor. 

Jas Thiara, Head of Criminal Law at Alsters Kelley solicitors said, “There is no fool proof way of calculating how much you can drink and remain under the limit or knowing how much an individual can drink and still drive safely.  Importantly, it is hard to calculate how long alcohol may stay in your body so if you are planning to drive the morning after the safest option is to not drink any alcohol at all and not to take any drugs. 

The penalties for drink or drug driving could result in an immediate disqualification and fine as well as other devastating consequences to the individuals involved.”

If you or anyone you know needs any help regarding a drink or drug driving offence or any other type of motoring offence then please contact our motoring offences specialist lawyer Jas Thiara. Jas can be contacted direct on 02477 710244, mobile 07730 312206 or email





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